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What You Should Know About Common Head Injuries in Children

A preventative strategy is an ideal approach to managing head injuries in children. In fact, many research demonstrates that most head injuries in children are often foreseeable and preventable. It is probably not a surprise to anyone at this point that there have been thousands of studies directed at the number of childhood head injuries.

Most of these research focus on various things but most of them have one thing in common, that’s the likelihood or occurrence of these injuries and the urge to produce means of preventing injuries in children as young as one year old. Actually, children age 4 and younger are at higher risk of falling and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the primary cause of severe head injuries in children who suffer from falls, as reported by Consumer Products Safety Commission

Many pediatricians agree that sporting a helmet does cut back your risk of a significant brain injury and even death because at the time of a fall or crash, the majority of the impact energy is absorbed by the protective cap, rather than their head and cerebrum.

But just as important as wearing a protective helmet is wearing the right protective headgear. A helmet that does not fit properly or has enough padding will provide you with a false sense of security when they are not really producing the extent of protection you need. Plum Enterprises offer a wide selection of superior quality protective helmets for children. This custom made headgear can shield children from the effect or damage of head injuries and they come in an assortment of styles and setups to suit their unique needs.

Every day millions of young children partake in some form of contact sport or other physical activities. Is that a good thing? The answer is yes if we are talking about getting your kids to unplug from technology, at least a few hours weekly. Therefore, we are not in favor of abolishing sports or physical activities for children because ultimately being active offers many benefits to young people. According to a Harvard Health study on head injuries in children, “the most common causes of head injuries in children are motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults, bicycle accidents and trauma related to sports.”

In light of what we now know about concussions and head injuries in children, though many sports should be fine-tuned, parents should take any necessary means of precaution to protect their children.

Completely eliminating head trauma from youth sports or changing the rules may simply not happen anytime soon. However, parents should focus instead on the mindset that preventing brain or head injuries in children should always be a top consideration. As stated by The Centers for Disease Control “Recovery from a concussion is slower among older adults, young children, and teens.  And those who have had a concussion are at higher risk of having another concussion.”

Children are not adults, and their vulnerabilities to head trauma are far greater which leads to the conclusion that head injuries prevention is a huge part of raising healthy children.




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