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Plum's® Fall Protection Clothing Keeps Seniors Safe Active

Falls in Elderly Population

Falls are increasingly common in elderly individuals. As the country ages, falls are becoming epidemic.  Decrease mobility, isolation, cognitive impairment and depression are among many major symptoms of fall-related injuries in older adults. While some falls may be prevented, most falls cannot, leaving the adult child of an elderly parent or the caregiver feeling guilty and overwhelmed.  Fall prevention including vision checking, removing loose carpets, installing hand rails, and better lighting can be helpful. However, many individuals maintain safe and active lifestyles with fall protection clothing, such as protective headgear and hip protectors that are lightweight, attractive and have proven safety effectiveness, such as Plum’s® Fall Protection Clothing.  Preventing a head injury or hip fracture from a fall is a thousand times easier than curing the results and morbidity from a head injury or a hip fracture, particularly in the elderly




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