Plum’s® Protective Helmets, Hip Protectors, Extremity Guards for Special Needs and Healthy Aging

Plum® Safety Product Solutions to the Serious Problem of Injuries from Falls

Falls are the leading cause of death and disability.Read More

Plum’s® mission is to replace your fear of falling, head injuries and hip fractures with freedom, safety and empowerment.

Plum® specializes in fall injury preventionRead More

Plum® Custom-Fitting Fall Protection Helmets

Children age 4 and younger are at high risk of falling. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the primary cause of death and severe injury in children who suffer falls. – Consumer Products Safety Commission

Safetyproduct helmetforchildren, Helmets for Babies & Children
  • ASTM Proven Safety Effectiveness.
  • Lightweight, Comfortable Custom Fit.
  • Fully-Encased in Breathable Cotton Blend.
protectacap logo

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® helmets custom fit as if made just for you. Medical Professional agree ProtectaCap® fits and works better than custom-made helmets.Read More

Helmets for Children & Adults, ProtectaCap
  • Full Head Coverage that Opens Around Ears.
  • Comfortable, Fully-Adjustable Chin Strap.
  • Machine-Washable for Anti-Microbial Safety.

“My daughter’s been wearing ProtectaCap® for the past 7 years, since she was 14. It’s worked great and protects her ears and sides of her face. We’ve machine-washed it repeatedly and it’s lasted wonderfully.” – E.Wolff, CO

Safetyproduct helmet for children, Helmets for Babies
  • Provides advanced forehead and temple protection.
  • Engineered for staged deceleration of impact energy.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic fit encased in cotton blend.

Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced Fall Protection Helmets are engineered for superior impact absorption to help keep children and adults safe and active. ProtectaCap+Plus’s® patented, dual-protective core provides optimal staged deceleration of impact energy.Read More

ProtectaCap+Plus® Fall Protection Helmets
  • Top-Anchored chin straps ensure safe secure fit.
  • Sporty above or over top of ear style in sizes S thru XL.
  • Washable, Replaceable Plus Pocket™ Covers.

“I ordered the ProtectaCap+Plus® for my wife. It protects her from seizures and she enjoys wearing it. It’s a fantastic product.” – P. Weiss

Plum's® Award-Winning Fall Protection Hip Protectors

Hip protector use prevents hip fractures and increases life expectancy. Hip protector use saves dollars and improves the quality of life. – Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

  • Original, Award-Winning Hip Protector with Proven Safety Record.
  • Undetectable ProtectaHip® Pads Adjust and Move with You.
  • ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Pants® are Available in Sizes X-Small through 4-X-Large.


Plum’s® ProtectaHip® is the original, award-winning hip protector with the best, longest and unmatched track record for safety, comfort and durability. ProtectaHip® hip protectors are available in several styles, all engineered for superior safety and designed with exacting detail for your comfort and style.Read More

ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Pants™
  • Anti-Microbial ProtectaHip® Pads will absorb water or build bacteria.
  • Easy Care, Machine Wash & Dry; Only ProtectaHip® Garments get wet.
  • For Your Optimal Safety, ProtectaHip® Pads Increase in Size with ProtectaHip®Garments.
Safetyproduct hipprotectors
  • ProtectaHip® is Engineered for Safety; Designed for Amazing Comfort.
  • Precise, Generous Coverage against 3 Sites of Hip Fractures.
  • ProtectaHip® Pads are ventilated and beveled for comfort.
Hip Protectors With Lace, ProtectaHip

Plum’s® ProtectaHip® Undergarment Hip Protectors are offered in 3 unique styles. ProtectaHip® General Use is ideal with men and women. Engineered with Plum’s® superior ProtectaHip® Pads secured within 2 layers of Plum’s® highest quality cotton stretch and perfectly positioned for stay-put protection against the 3 main sites of hip fractures.Read More

Front Snap, Hip Protectors, ProtectaHip
  • Anti-Microbial ProtectaHip® Pads will not build bacteria.
  • Easy Care Machine Wash & Dry Without Removing Pads.
  • ProtectaHip® Undergarments are Available in Sizes X-Small through 3 X-Large.
Safetyproduct protectiveshorts
  • ProtectaHip® Pads increase in size with ProtectaHip® Garments.
  • Precise, Stay-Put Protection against 3 Sites of Hip Fractures.
  • Virtually undetectable Pads Tucked inside behind Slash Pockets.


Plum’s® ProtectaHip® is the original, award-winning hip protector with the best, longest and unmatched track record for safety, comfort and durability. ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Shorts™ are engineered for your safety, but designed for your comfort.Read

Safetyproduct protectiveshorts
  • ProtectaHip® Pads are ventilated & beveled for comfort.
  • ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Shorts™ are Available in Sizes X-Small through 3- X-Large.
  • Easy Care Machine Wash & Dry Without Removing Pads.

Plum's® Adaptable Fall Protection Extremity Guards

Falls have become a national health crisis. The frequency, morbidity, and mortality rates of falls increase every day. And the cost of falls is increasing at an even greater pace. – The Centers for Disease Control

Safetyproduct kneeandelbowwrap
  • Easily adapts, conforms and adjusts to knees, elbows, shins and forearms.
  • Customized compression, support and protection against falls and impacts.
  • Custom-molding splint with protective pad, encased in Plum’s® unique fabric.
ProtectaWrap logo

Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® Adaptable Extremity Protectors provide superior impact absorption for protection against bumps, bruises and fall-related injuries. ProtectaWrap® protective splint absorbs impacts and stress to prevent damage post-injury.Read More

Protective Splint for Shins & Forearms, ProtectaWrap
  • Superior ProtectaWrap® Pads are sturdy & dependable.
  • Anti-Microbial ProtectaWrap® Pads will not build bacteria.
  • ProtectaWrap® is Easy Care Wash & Dry; No need to Remove Protective Pads.

“Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® completes our Falls Safety Program.” – Veterans Hospital

Head Trauma, Hip Fractures and Extremity Injuries from Falls can Change Your Life in an Instant. Plum’s Award-Winning Falls Safety Products Help Keep You Safe from the Dangers of Falls.
Freedom… Safety… Empowerment. For Life.™