Plum Safety From Falls

Plum Fall Protection Products enhance the quality of your life. Plum replaces fear of falling, hip fractures and head trauma with freedom, safety and empowerment. Plum’s award-winning ProtectaHip® protectors,unique ProtectaWrap® extremity guards and custom-fitting ProtectaCap® and ProtectaCap+Plus® helmets keep little ones safe and adults independent, and provide caregivers with peace of mind.

Featured Products



Plum’s ProtectaCap® helmets custom fit as if made just for you. ProtectaCap® protective headgear provides a safe, secure comfortable fit that will not add weight, slide around or  cause a  fall. ProtectaCap® covers the entire head and expands gently around the ears for protection without interfering with hearing. Plum’s ProtectaCap®  is available in  a variety of colors and in Baby through Adult sizes.



ProtectaHip® is the original, award-winning hip protector with the best and longest track record for safety, comfort and durability. Plum’s ProtectaHip® hip protectors are available in several styles: Double-Lined General Use Undergarments; incontinence-friendly Front Snap™ Style; with Stretch Lace; and in ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Pants™ & ProtectaHip® Active Lounge Shorts™. 



ProtectaWrap® Adaptable Extremity Protectors provide superior protection against bumps, bruises and fall-related injuries to knees, elbows, shins and arms. Plum’s ProtectaWrap®  provides comfortable compression and customized range-of- movement with fall protection precisely where you need it. ProtectaWrap® is available in three sizes.



ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced Fall Safety Helmets are engineered for safety but designed for a lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic fit.  Plum’s ProtectaCap+Plus® provides reinforced forehead, temple and back of head protection with top-anchored chin straps for a secure, stay-put fit. ProtectaCap+Plus® is available in Baby through Adult sizes.